Complex Ideational Material

This test asks the patient/subject to agree or disagree with questions related to stimuli that are not readily in view. In each section questions are given in pairs with one being correct and the other incorrect. The subject must get both questions correct to receive credit for the pair.

Adaptation: Instructions, questions and stories translated into ASL

I will now ask you some questions and I want you to answer them with a yes or no response.

1a. 'Will a wood board sink in water?'

This item uses wood as a replacement for cork as there is no widely used sign for cork.

1b. 'Will a stone sink in water?'

2.a 'Is a hammer good for cutting wood?'

2.b 'Can you use a hammer to pound nails?'

3.a 'Is one pound of coffee heavier than two?'

3.b 'Do two pounds of coffee weigh more than one?'

4.a 'Will water go through a good pair of rubber boots?

4.b 'Will a good pair of rubber boots keep water out?'

‘I will tell you a short story. When I am finished, I will ask you questions related to the story. Ready?

'A man walked into a hotel carrying a coil of rope in one hand and a suitcase in the other. The hotel clerk asked, "Excuse me, what is that rope for?". The man replied "Oh, this rope is my fire escape." The hotel clerk then said "I'm sorry, people carrying their own fire escapes must pay in advance." '

5.a 'Did the guest bring two suitcases?'

5.b 'Did the guest bring something strange?'

6.b 'Was the clerk suspicious of the man coming in?'

6.a 'Did the clerk trust the guest?'

7. 'Mr. Jones had to go to New York. He decided to take a train. His wife drove him to the train station, but on the way they had a flat tire. They hurried and fixed the tire. They arrived at the station just in time for him to catch the train.'

7.a 'Did Mr. Jones miss his train?'

7.b 'Did he arrive at the train station on time?'

8.a 'Did Mr. Jones go to NY?'

8.b 'Did he come back from NY?'

8. 'The lion cub is born with a innate hunting instinct? First lion cubs play with other lion cubs. They play a lot, all year, all the while developing their hunting ability. They practice more and more for a long time, learning from older lions and their mothers to develop their hunting skill. '

9.a 'Did this story tell you how to hunt lions?'

9.b 'Did this story tell you how lions learn to hunt?'

10.a 'Did this story tell you that a lion ready with the skill to hunt the minute he is born?'

10b. 'Did this story tell you that lions need to have had lots of practice before they be experts at killing?'


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