Single Sign Discrimination

This is a test of single sign comprehension. In this test there are two cards with visual representations of multiple items on each card. All of the objects and a few of the actions had either no sign or too much regional variation and therefore we have altered the stimuli to create a set that is good for use with ASL.

Adaptation: Instructions translated into ASL and some of the stimuli have been changed.

The instructions for the examiner are as follows:

1. Present test cards separately.
2. Have subject look over all the pictures on the card before starting.
3. Follow the order presented.
4. Ask the subject to point to the corresponding picture by saying, "Show me the ________."
5. One repetition is permitted, on request.
6. If subject has trouble finding the right category, you may point to the right category box.

‘Take a look at these pictures. When you are finished, I will ask you “show me the ________.” I want you to point at the picture that corresponds to my sign. Let’s do two for practice.’

For more information on the notation conventions used, click here.


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