Conversational and Expository Speech

This section is designed to examine the individual’s quality of sign production and comprehension during free narrative and open-ended conversation. The responses from this section are utilized for developing much of the Rating Scale Profile of Sign-Language Characteristics. We suggest videotaping this for review.

Depending on the testing setting, the questions from the BDAE may be utilized. We have developed a list of additional questions that may be used as well and are more natural for other test settings.

Adaptation: Additional, culturally appropriate questions devised for other testing sessions.

For more information on the notation conventions used, click here.

Other possible questions for this section:

• ‘Who are the members of your family, wife/husband, Children? What are their names?’

• ‘Are there other deaf people in your family?’

• ‘Where did you grow up? What school did you go to?’

• ‘What’s your strongest memory from school?

• ‘How do you communicate with your family? Your friends?’

• ‘How did you learn Sign Language?'

• ‘Do you go to the deaf club? What goes on there?’

• Where do you like to go on vacation? Tell me about that place and what happened on vacation.


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