Spatial Delay Test

This test was devised to examine spatial layout retelling and comprehension. The use of space to describe space is a rather unique aspect of signed languages that integrates a number of cognitive systems. This is one of several tests that help us to disambiguate which systems are most likely impacted.

INSTRUCTION:  You will see a signer telling you a very short story on the videotape. The signer on the videotape will ask you a question as of which choices were made from the story previously told. You will have to think what the answer might be and tell me. There are no warm ups so we will just proceed with the test of 15 very short stories.


1. Which car did he use?       *LINCOLN                  CADALLIC

2. Which radio did they want?       *LARGE RADIO       SMALL RADIO

3. Which motorcycle did he let his friend borrow?    *BIG              MED              SMALL

4. Who came to visit me everyday?       BROTHER                   *SISTER

5.  Who made the mistake?                MARY       SUE        *BOB

6. What class did I take?      PSYCHOLOGY       HISTORY          *PHYSICS

7. Which house did we buy?              BIG        SMALL       *MED

8.  Which drawer did my husband open?       TOP MIDDLE       *BOTTOM

9. Which fruit did I eat?               APPLE            *PEAR

10.  Which aisle did the kids want to go in?       L             C            *R

11.  Which painting did the mother grab?      PICASSO        *DEGAS       VAN GOGH

12.  What kind of fish did I go fishing for?      *TROUT        BASS            CATFISH

13.  Which room did my friend run into? *BEDROOM     BATHROOM     KITCHEN     LIVINGROOM

14.  Which color dress did I borrow?           RED        BLUE       *PURPLE

15. Which kind of tape did we use?       SONY       BETA       *PANASONIC

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