Simple Syntax Test

This test was created to examine comprehension of some basic sentence structures. It has been divided into 3 sections of 6 items each. Scoring is done cumulatively and in subsections. This test has proven to be quite sensitive to left hemisphere damage. It has been an important addition to our test battery.

See these two pictures. I will sign a sentence and you select the picture that best matches my sentence. Do you understand? Lets try 2 practice items.


A. BOY WASH                                   
B. BOY COMB                                   

Subject Verb
1. DOG SLEEP                                   
2. GIRL COOK                                   
3. GIRL LAUGH                                   
4. CAT PLAY                                               
5. GIRL RUN                                               
6. BOY DRAW PICTURE                       

Subject Verb Object
7. BABY PULL MOTHER                       
8. GIRL PUSH BOY                                   
9.  MAN KISS WOMAN                       
10. DOG CHASE BOY                       
11. BOY KICK GIRL                       
12. GIRL WASH BOY                       

Subject Verb Adj
13. DRESS WET                                   
14. BOX SMALL                                   
15. MAN THIN                                   
16. MAN DIRTY                                   
17. BOY SAD      
18. TREE TALL                            


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