Rhyming Test

In this test for impairment in the equivalent of 'rhyming' in ASL, the subject is presented with four pictures of objects. The subject is then asked to think of the signs for the objects (but not to make the signs) and to identify the two objects whose signs are formationally similar, that is, 'rhyme,' differing in only one of the major parameters such as handshape, movement and place of articulation.

Instructions: 'I am going to show you four pictures. I want you to look at each picture and think of the sign for each item. Then I want you to select the two pictures for which the signs are most similar. The pictures may be totally unrelated, but we are looking for the two signs that are the most similar.'

Example: (without pictures)
HOME                      GARAGE                FLOWER                     SOCKS

'Which two have the signs that are the most similar? Home and Flower'

Other Example:
STAR                        SUN                        APPLE                        MOON

'Which two have the sings that are most similar? Sun and Moon.'


1. *APPLE                        ISLAND            *ONION                        ORANGE
2.   COP                        *NURSE            *DOCTOR                        EGG

Ok, ready to begin the test? Remember to focus on which signs are most similar.


1. *EGG                  ORANGE            COMB             *KNIFE

2. COW                  *LOLLIPOP        *ICECREAM       PIE                          

3.*KEY                     DOG                GRAPES         *APPLE                 

4. HAT                     MONKEY         *HORSE         *DONKEY                 

5.*ONION              *KEY                 POTATO         PIG                          

6. INDIAN               *NEWSPAPER    *BIRD               MONKEY                 

7. *BIRD                  ROOSTER         CHAIR               *DUCK                 

8. PANTS                 *SOCKS          *STAR                  SHEEP                 

9. *WINK                BED                 *BIRD                  ROOSTER                 

10. STAR                 *SUN                 *COP                 TIGER                 

11.*YELLOW           *BLUE                 CAR                   BLACK                 

12.*TURTLE             *LIGHTER         NECKLACE            PIG                          

13.THERMOMETER    BIRD               *FLAG                  *FISH                 

14. *APPLE                 *CANDY         CAKE                  BED                          

15.BUTTERFLY             *DEVIL            CAR                     *INSECT                 

16. APPLE                   DOG                *FORK               *COOKIE                 

17. COMB                  *POTATO         *TIME                  TOMATO                 

18. KNIFE                  *CAT                  DOG                  *TIGER                 

19. DOG                     DONUT            *ORANGE         *MILK                 

20. *HORSE                BED                  DOG                  *RABBIT                

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