Elicited Spatial Narrative Memory Task

Another probe is the Elicited Spatial Narrative Memory Task in which subjects are shown two types of stories signed by a native deaf signer, each 30 sec in length.  In half, the spatial locations function topographically and are critical to the story; and in half, space is used purely referentially and is not critical to the story.  Subjects will be asked to retell the stories and answer a set of comprehension questions.  These tasks provide a basic assessment of subjects’ ability to remember, produce and comprehend ASL descriptions which indicate spatial locations and motion through space (scoring is for number of items mentioned, proportion of correct and incorrect classifiers and spatial locations).

I will show you a video. I want you to watch the story and remember as much of it as you can. When the video is over, I want you to tell me the story again as close to the way it was in the video. After that I will ask you a couple of questions about the story.


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