Digit Span Test

Digit span is an accurate representation of our ability to process information as it directly measures our perceptual short-term working memory. Digit span is the measure of how many sequential digits can be taken in, stored, processed, and recalled in the correct order. Digit span assessment in this test is conducted in ASL.

Instructions:  The Digit Span task requires the subject to repeat a series of digits, forward and backward.  The two conditions, Digits Forward and Digits Backward are administered separately.  On Digits Forward the subject is signed number sequences of increasing length, and after each sequence is asked to repeat it from memory.  On Digits Backward the examinee is signed similar sequences, and after each sequence is asked to repeat it backwards.  Digits Forward begins with a 3-digit sequence and ends with a 9-digit sequence, and Digits Backward begins with 2-digit sequence and ends with an 8-digit. On both conditions there are two trials for each sequence length, and the condition is discontinued after the subject fails both trials of a given sequence length.


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