Decomposition Test

This is a test of the ability to decompose signs into one of its component parts, this task uses familiar signs that can be represented by picturable objects. In the task, the subject sees a sign and then a set of four pictures. The arrays of pictures have a semantic distractor ('sheep' for 'cow'), a phonological distractor (e.g. 'car' for 'cow'), and a formational distractor (e.g. the signs COW and BOY share the same place of articulation), and a correct answer: 'telephone' since the ASL signs COW and TELEPHONE share the same handshape. The central question of interest is whether brain damaged signers can extract out sublexical parts of signs in this metalinguistic task.

See these three pictures. I will sign a word and you select the picture that has the same handshape as the sign I made. Lets try 3 practice items.

1. WRONG                  A. BLACK         *B. YELLOW         C. BLUE        

2. DOLL                  *A. ONION         B. COP                  C. BALL        

3. NAME                  *A. EGG         B. DOG                  C. BOAT        


1. COW                  A. ORANGE         *B.TELEPHONE         C. SHEEP        

2. COAT                 *A. GIRL         B. PANTS                  C. FENCE        

3. SPAGHETTI         A. BLOUSE         B. TOMATO                *C. ISLAND        

4. HOME                     *A. FLOWER         B.TEMPERATURE         C. POTATO        

5. GUM                  A. LOLLIPOP           B. BUTTERFLY   *C. POTATO        

6. FOX                  A.DOG         *B. INDIAN                  C. CHAIR        

7. ORANGE                  *A. BIKE         B. GRAPES                  C. DRESS        

8. TRAIN                  A. CAR         B.CUP                           *C. HORSE        

9. APPLE                  A. FISH         B. CHERRY                  *C. KEY        

10. INDIAN                  A. BOY         B. AIRPLANE                  *C. CHAIN        

11. BLUE                  A. MILK         *B. DOOR                  C. TURTLE        

12. MOUSE                  *A. STAR         B. PIG                  C. MOTORCYCLE        

13. ROOSTER         A. SALT         *B. GARAGE                  C. BIRD        

14. BLACK                  A. YELLOW         B. FLAG                  *C. SOCKS        

15. FORK                  A. APPLE         B. TREE         *C. SCISSORS        

16. NURSE                  *A. EGG         B. GLASSES                    C. DOCTOR        

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