Classifier Constructions: Verbs of Motion Production

Supalla, et al. (1982) designed the VMP task as a set of short, animated films that elicit approximately equal numbers of examples of several major types of classifier verbs of motion, with the features of handshape, manner, path, and direction of movement, and locative relationship elicited in different combinations. Thus, a given handshape unit is elicited by several task items, with these items differing from each other in the accompanying movement path and direction, manner of movement, and locative relationship. The aim is to elicit each component in a carefully controlled variety of meaningful contexts.

Supalla, T., Newport, E., Singleton, J., Supalla, S, Metlay, D., & Coulter, G. (n.d.). The test battery for American Sign Language morphology and syntax. Unpublished manuscript and videotape materials, University of Rochester, New York.


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