Other ASL Language Probes

These are other language and memory tests that we have incorporated into our test battery. Some of the tests are from other assessment sources and some are tests that our team has created to address specific issues in sign languages. The tests that were created by others remain as true to the originals as possible. Any changes are noted and the justification for those changes is provided. For many of the tests, you can expect deaf signers to compare favorably to the hearing spoken language users that the test was designed for. There are some exceptions that we discuss where appropriate.

ASL Phonology

Rhyming Test
Decomposition Test

ASL Syntax Battery

Sentence-Picture Matching Test of Grammar
Simple Syntax Test
WH-Question Comprehension Test
Spatial Delay Test

Standardized Tests adapted for ASL Comprehension

Token Test
WAB Comprehension Test

Linguistic Analysis of ASL Production

Balloon Story
Paint Story
Classroom Story
Frog Story

ASL Spatial Mapping

Elicited Spatial Descriptions
Classifier Construction: Verbs of Motion & Location

Memory Tasks

Sign Span Test
Elicited Spatial Narrative Memory Task

Standardized Memory Tests

Digit Span Test
Corsi Blocks (spatial)

New Experimental Tests

Lexical Sign Comprehension Test
Sublexical Sign Discrimination Test


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