Kimura Apraxia Examination

A slightly abbreviated form of the Kimura and Archibald Movement Copying Test (Kimura, 1982) is administered.  In this test, the subject imitates unfamiliar, meaningless sequences of hand and arm movements.

Adaptation: Instructions translated into ASL


I.(Practice) Closed fist, thumb clear edge on table(Fist on Table)                                                           
2. Open hand with all fingers spread, held out from body and
perpendicular to body axis in front of opposite arm, hand sweeps
 across body from one side to other, fingers extended but closing
up to contact each other while hand is moving.
3. Extended fingers and thumb in contact back of hand slaps
across other forearm, rotates and palm slaps across other forearm
in the same position.
4. Fingers and thumb almost straight, tapered together so that
 fingertips form ring which touches center of forehead,
rotating to a palm ourwards orientation, hand opening wide while
 it turns, still at forehead level.

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