BDAE Ideomotor Apraxia Examination

As in the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination, our sign language adaptation of the Ideomotor Apraxia Tests consists of a three-fold classification of apraxia: buccofacial movements, intransitive limb movements (e.g., 'wave goodbye'), and transitive limb movements (e.g., 'throw a ball').  If subjects are unable to carry out a movement to command ("Show me how you would ..."), the examiner demonstrates the movement and asks the subject to copy it. These studies allow us to determine the separability of sign aphasia and manual apraxia.

Adaptation: Instructions translated into ASL

Test Administration
Sign or fingerspelling to the subject.  S/he acts.  If s/he could not do command, tell her or him to copy what you sign or fingerspelling.

A. Movement to Manual Command

         SHOW ME HOW YOU:                           COPY ME:

         1. Cough
         2. Move-your-eyes-up
         3. Sneeze
         4. Kiss
         5. Chew

B. Intransitive Limb

         SHOW ME HOW YOU:                           COPY ME:

         1. Call a dog (to come)
         2. Act like you are crying
         3. Cross your leg
         4. Gesture stop (to someone)
         5. Gesture good-bye

C. Transitive Limb

         SHOW ME HOW YOU:                           COPY ME:

         1. Throw a baseball
         2. Clean a bowl
         3. Sign your name
         4. Start a car
         5. Cut a meat

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