Non-language Probes

These are standardized tests of the visuospatial domain that we have incorporated into our test battery. We include these so that potential visual, perceptual or spatial mapping issues may be identified as the cause of a potential deficit that a deaf signer may have that also manifests itself in language domains. Some of the tests are from other assessment sources and some are tests that our team has created to address specific issues in sign languages. The tests that were created by others remain as true to the originals as possible, but modified for use in ASL as needed. For many spatial tests, our evidence suggests that deaf native signers are comparable to (and sometimes better than) matched hearing speakers. There are some exceptions and we discuss that where appropriate.

Visuoperceptive Tasks

Benton Facial Recognition
Benton Judgment of Line Orientation

Visuoconstructive Tasks

WAIS-R Block Design
BDAE Command and Copy Drawing
Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure

Spatial Attention and Neglect Tasks

Albert Neglect Task
The Mesulam and Weintraub Cancellation Tasks
Delis (Navon) Hierarchical Processing Task

Apraxia Probes

Kimura Apraxia Examination
BDAE Ideomotor Apraxia Examination


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